Stay Safe - Stay Seen


We’re committed to developing the highest quality, best performance product on the market. When we first set about designing a wetsuit in 2007, the goal was to develop something that was ultimately faster than anything else in the water. That still rings true today – aiming to lead the way in all categories.

We have always looked to pioneer and innovate, working closely with athletes of all levels to find out what really matters and how we can inspire them to achieve their personal goals. Wetsuit technology has continued to evolve and we’ve been at the forefront – creating suits that are exceptionally comfortable, super-fast in the water, and rapid removal in transition.

Pro-Speed Cuffs™

Pro-Speed™ arm and leg cuffs use a specially formulated silicone coating to make the wetsuit come off extremely quickly. Perfect to increase transition speed for pro's and make that little bit easier for novices.

One Piece Shoulder

Designed to offer maximum flexibility by eliminating seams. This ensure maximum range of motion and minimises resistance against the shoulders to give the feeling that you're swimming without a wetsuit.

Aqua Dynamic Coating

Significantly minimises any drag through the water and helps improve suit durability. Our higher end Yamamoto neoprene wetsuits feature the most advanced SCS Nano coating for the fastest performance possible.

Tuned Buoyancy

Our wetsuits have been designed to provide optimum buoyancy with a tiered neoprene construction, utilising a variety of types and thickness; improving body position and efficiency.

Spring Loaded Design

Our wetsuits have been designed to ensure fast, efficient swimming. Shoulder resistance can be a big issue when swimming in a wetsuit but our Spring Loaded Design helps to maximise the propulsion with each stroke.

Sensory Catch Panel

Aeroforce fabric is used on the forearms to give an improved feeling and catch in the water. This helps to align your hand and forearm during the stroke to give more propulsion and also a more natural feeling swim.

Eclipse Lenses

Our Eclipse Lenses utilise photochromatic technology to automatically darken in bright conditions and remain clear in low light conditions. Ensuring uninterrupted vision whilst swimming in changeable weather.

Zephyr Vents

Bespoke air vents designed to work with the Anti-Fog coating and ensure that the sunglasses stay fog-free. A small amount of air passes through the vents to reduce the humidity behind the lenses.

Horizon Design

Our large curved lenses give an excellent field of vision ensuring your view is unrestricted, allowing you to carefully navigate your direction and avoid other swimmers in tightly packed races.

Keeping it Green

The environment matters so we consciously use more eco-friendly neoprene. Recycled tyres are used to make Carbon Black and Limestone is used to replace petrochemicals. Water-based glue is used instead of harmful solvent-based glue to bond seams and our linings are made from recycled polyester. In fact, 45 plastic bottles are recycled for every wetsuits lining.

That's a lot of waste put to good use!