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Preparing for Cold Weather Swimming

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As we start to feel that Autumn chill in the air it can be easy to talk yourself out of training in the off-season. As nice as your local pool may be, it doesn’t quite compare to the open water. That is why we have put together our top tips for prolonging your open water training.

  1. Wear a wetsuit

Firstly you want to try and keep the heat in. This is probably pretty obvious but you’ll need to wear a wetsuit. If you find your core is still getting cold, look to get a thicker training wetsuit or even layering with a Neoprene Warmth Vest underneath for some extra insulation.

  1. Put a hat on

By this, we don’t mean a snug, woolly beanie. If you really suffer from the cold you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a Neoprene Swim Cap to prevent ultimate brain-freeze. We do one with a chin strap for a more secure fit or a strapless version.

If you prefer a more traditional swim cap then make sure you’ve got two to layer up with. If you need an extra one, check out our silicone one here.

  1. Keep your fingers & toes warm

You lose a lot of heat through your hands and feet so it’s important to keep them warm in cold conditions. We do two types of neoprene swim gloves and socks – our standard neoprene version and Heat-Tech for the coldest conditions.  

  1. Practise makes perfect

If you are not use to swimming in cold water then why not work your way in gently. Look to see if you’ve got a lido or outdoor pool in your area and do a session (in your wetsuit) here before taking the plunge into the open water.

  1. Be prepared

It’s going to be cold. Mentally prepare yourself for that initial shock to the system and plan your first few strokes. Enter the water slowly and take a few deep breaths. If it’s the first time you’ve really swum in colder water then it can throw you off but stay calm and don’t panic.

  1. Wrap-up when you’re done

Make sure you bring a big towel to wrap up and dry off as quickly as possible. You’ll also want to get something warm on which is why we have developed our polar fleece lined Parka jacket.