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10 Reasons to (not) Date a Triathlete

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If there’s one sport you should get involved in, it’s definitely triathlon. Apart from swim-bike-run fun (yes, really, we do this for fun), the dating possibilities with triathletes are endless. In fact, there are so many great (*cough*) reasons to date a triathlete that it’s impossible to list them all. Here are ten of the best: 

1. We have loads of energy

Except, we expend it all on training. So don’t expect fun-loving excitement and animated chat. We will probably be sat in a corner uploading our training data…. 

2. We have a great tan for most of the year  

The only thing is unless you are partial to human skin which resembles a patchwork quilt, it isn’t always the best look.

3. We love our food 

None of this picking at salads malarkey here. Although don’t be surprised when we eat your dinner as well. All that training burns a lot of calories – therefore we need it more than you.

4. We are good at saving money 

But only for races, bikes or kit. Our triathlon fund comes before everything and there is literally no money left for anything else. 

5. We love traveling

Unless it involves a race or a training camp though, we are not interested. No lying on beaches here thanks very much (the exception being post-race recovery). 

6. We love going to bed

Especially in the middle of the day. Don’t get excited though, we need daytime naps. It’s an important recovery. 

7. We have great chat

Only when it comes to talking about Watts, energy gels or cadence. Anything else outside the topic of triathlon isn’t of interest to us. 

8. We keep really clean

Largely, because we are sporting a perma-scent of chlorine. But also because it’s not unusual to shower two or three times a day. 

9. We keep in pretty good shape 

Only thing is, you’ll never get to see that because we are perpetually dressed in Lycra. If it’s not training attire, then it’s recovery compression. Sometimes, even while sleeping. Yes, really. 

10. We have great taste! 

We love gear that looks great, and makes us go fast! Outside, A nice looking wetsuit and colorful trisuit does the trick, and in the pool, some snazzy swimwear and goggles go down a treat! 
If that hasn’t got you all hot under the collar and ready to date a triathlete, then god knows what will.  

If that hasn’t got you all hot under the collar and ready to date a triathlete, then god knows what will. All things considered, maybe us triathletes are best matched together. Stuck on deciding what to get your partner for Valentine's Day? Check out our gift selection